You jumped into the short hair trend but you're longing for long, luscious locks now that summer. Well, good news. You will have long, safe strands in no time with these brilliant tricks again.


Trim it 

It may sound odd, but you must cut your hair so that it grows: damaged ends will break down and make your hair shorter. However, no need to go crazy—you're just going to see Rapunzel af in 2.5 seconds every six weeks.


Avoid Hot water

The steamy water chills, fam, fam! Water is going to weaken your hair, so it's dry and breaks down. And brittle, dry hair is more vulnerable to breaking.


Don't blast the same day dry and flat iron

Heat styling will brush your hair and keep it strong and long. So if you intend to straighten your hair, let it dry at first, rather than heat piling. *DON'T EVER STRAIGHTEN IT WET*) And coat your hair, much like a heat protecting spray, prior to using a hot tool before damaging your beautiful tendrils.


Clean your hair

Wet hair is very delicate because it can snap strands and ruin your doing if you curl it into a towel, after leaving the tub. Play with a towel rather than gently, dry.


Pamper your scalp

Dirt, oil and dead cells stack on your skin, which makes it difficult for new hair to grow. Every time you shampoo to work out the gun and improve blood flow for happier, cleaner, more involved follicles, massage your scalp with your fingertips.


Invest in a wide-toothed comb

The only tool you can use in your hair after the shower is widened dentures. Use them without snapping your sensitive strands to clear tangles gently.


Back off the bleach

Whitening and other harsh chemicals = breaking, breaking, breaking. Instead, stick to a darker shade. If you're still blonde, wrap your tresses while you try to lengthen them. You can also rock it if Miley can.


Take your hair down gently

Your hair is already exhausted by thrusting into a tight elastic. Yank your hair ties out of the twisted knot afterwards. The last thing you can do. Take your hair carefully and avoid the elastic together if necessary.


Get a pillowcase of silk

Oh, now you are awesome. However, a silk pillowcase, as opposed to cotton, will caress your hair softly when you are sleeping.