1. Safeguard toward the sun Protection of your skin from the sun is one of the most effective ways to handle it. Sun exposure for a lifetime can result in wrinkles, age spots and skin problems — and the risk of skin cancer may increase.


2. Do not smoke Tobacco makes the skin appear older and helps with wrinkles. Fumes limit the blood supply and make the skin more pale. Smoking narrows the small blood vessels at the outermost skin strata. The skin of oxygen and nutrients that are essential for the health of the skin is also reduced. Smoking destroys collagen and elastin — the fibres that resist and elasticize your skin. Moreover, your repeated facial movements when you smoke—like pursing your lips when your eyes are inhaled and quenched to keep smoke off—can lead to wrinkles. Smoking also raises the risk for skin cancer of squamous cells. When you smoke, your skin is better covered by stopping. Ask your healthcare provider for advice or medications to help stop smoking.


3. Gently treat your skin Cleansing and shaving on your skin every day can be a toll. To sustain it softly: Restricted bath time, avoid soaps, carefully shave, dry fat and dry skin moisturising. Use a moisturiser that fits your type of skin when your skin is dry. Consider an SPF-containing humidifier for daily use.


4. Eat a balanced diet You will look and feel your best with a balanced diet. Eat plenty of fruit, vegetables and whole grains. There are research reports that the connection between diet and acne is not clear – but that a diet high in fish oil or fish fat supplements as well as low in unhealthy fats and processed or refined carbohydrates could encourage the look of younger skin. Drinking plenty of water helps to preserve the hydration of your skin.


5. Stress Management Uncontrolled stress can increase the sensitivity of your skin and lead to acne and other skin problems. Take action to control your tension and support healthy skin and a healthy state of mind. Sleep enough, set fair limits, scale down your to-do list and take the time to do your favourite stuff. The findings may be dramaticer than you would expect.