One of the oldest industries is the textile industry. Fortunately, today only some clothing industries have won the world's leading positions. New patterns and new textiles in the fashion industry have emerged in the world. Few such brands worldwide are still among the best sellers worldwide. Quality, excellence and trends are the main.


Louis Vuitton is the most costly brand in the world. This company's brand value is about $28.1 trillion. This brand's income is about 10.1 billion dollars. Louis Vuitton is well known for clothing, excellent trench coating, dress, shoes, accessories, watchmaking, jewellery, books and much more, and he has earnestly taken 1st place in the list. Louis Vuitton's leather is the most valuable person to have.



The company's brand value is about 12.4 billion dollars. The company's sales are about 4.5 billion dollars. The enterprise aims to supply clothing standard. Gucci is renowned for making clothing worth using for a red tapestry case. The business Gucci was founded in 1921. Guccio Gucci is the founder of this business. Gucci is one of the most expensive brands and is also well known for making high quality and luxurious clothes.



The brand value of this company is about 10.6 billion dollars. The company's sales are about 5.3 billion dollars. Thierry Hermes founded the Hermes brand in 1837. The business has been really successful throughout all these 176 years. Hermes' kelli bag and silk scarves are popular as well. They are specialists in the manufacturing of gloves, sportswear for women and men.



The brand value of this company is approximately $7.3 billion. The company's sales are about 3.7 trillion dollars. Prada was founded in 1913 by Mario Prada, an Italian leather maker. Among the most popular products is the Prada brand, and every girl likes it. The brand offers clothes of astonishing quality, style and colour and gives everybody a special feeling. This is therefore in the top fourth position.



The company's brand value is about 6.8 billion dollars. The company's sales are 5.4 billion dollars. This company has been founded by Coco Chanel. For women's wear, the brand is very popular. The organisation aims to make it possible for women to feel relaxed and proud. The Chanel brand launched timeless little black dress. Chanel is one of the world's most costly brands. This company therefore ranks 5th in the top 10.



The overall valuation of the brand is approximately 6.6 billion dollars. The organisation generates roughly 7.1 billion dollars in sales. Ralph Lauren is completely focused on luxury and is dedicated to supplying you with all kinds of clothing materials to live the life you want. Many of the world's prominent celebrities wear Ralph Lauren's clothing. Polo is also one of Ralph Lauren's popular brands. That's the sixth place for this company.



The brand value of this company is approximately $5.87 billion. The business receives about 4 billion dollars in revenues. The British business is Burberry. Audrey Hepburn is one of Burberry's most iconic characters. This company's inventions are well known. He also received a royal warrant from Burberry. The company has also released an exclusive, pricey skincare portfolio. This is therefore one of the valuable and exclusive companies. It's in seventh position.



This company's overall brand value is around 5.5 billion dollars. Current revenue from Versace is about $1 billion. It's a business in Italy. In 1978, Versace was founded. This company was created by Gianni Versace. Versace's House is one of the world's most profitable luxury brands. Versace is renowned for its intriguing decorations, colourful printing, drinks and classic robes are wonderful. A tonne of clothing was introduced by Versace. They are therefore in eighth position.



This company's overall brand value is about 3.5 billion dollars. The founder of the company was Paola Fendi. In 1925, the company was launched. In the manufacture of world class garments and even bags and other accessories Fendi skills. The handbag collection, named Baguette, was launched in 1997. This enterprise has its workshop, too. By updating their designs in the world of fashion, Fendi retains its standards. The company is owned by LVMH. So it's the ninth on the chart.



This renowned company's market value is about 3.1 billion dollars. Armani offers flawless customization, glamour and lovely dressing. The stars in Hollywood are this brand's valued customers. Armani has experience of the manufacture of suits. They will wear their clothes in luxury fabric. The most expensive clothing under this name is Armani, Emporio, Swap. Even perfumes, bags of leather, belt and glass, shoes and other materials are made. Therefore they are in 10th position in the ranking.